Our Value Proposition

We efficiently access the unique intellectual assets of the University of the West Indies to provide relevant, accurate, and reliable critical evidence for clients.

UWI Consulting Inc. is built on the strong foundation of the University of the West Indies (UWI) a unique Institution serving 17 independent jurisdictions but with relationships spanning the world.  The University of the West Indies (UWI), has by far the largest and most significant concentration of advanced knowledge and technical expertise in the Caribbean region. No other organization in the Region has as significant a pool of knowledge on the Caribbean.

Established in October 2007, UWI Consulting Inc. has grown to be a major provider of research, strategy and enterprise consultancy services to governments, companies, and non-governmental institutions operating in the Caribbean. UWI consulting efficiently accesses the intellectual assets of the UWI to provide relevant, accurate and reliable results for clients.

Through its partnership arrangements, UWI Consulting Inc. can mobilize expertise from within all of UWI’s knowledge centres, as well as from its world-class individual professionals and practitioners around the world.