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  • Jamaica moving towards a Greener Economy

    11 Mar, 2015

    The Government of Jamaica, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and UWI Consulting Inc., and with financial support from the European Union, hosted the 2nd Caribbean Green Economy Conference on February 23-24, 2015 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica.

    The Conference provided a platform for in-depth and interactive discussions regarding policies, innovations and best practices as it relates to the green economy, with a view towards helping Caribbean states implement the SAMOA Pathway.

    Presenting at the Conference, Jamaica’s Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, The Honourable  Robert Pickersgill, told the audience of the progrees made towards adopting greener measures in the the Jamaican economy.

    View Article in the Jamaica Gleaner here:

  • Poster Competition Winners Declared

    06 Mar, 2015

    For the first time, the Scientific Research Council (SRC) partnered with the University of the West Indies, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  and  UWI Consulting Inc. to host the 29th staging of the annual SRC Poster Competition.

    This year’s competition realized 65 entries from across the island. Of the 65 entries, 44 were from high schools, while 21 came from primary/preparatory schools, which is consistent with the ratio seen over the years.

    As in previous years, this year’s competition was designed to create an avenue for students to express themselves artistically on topical issues, while becoming more scientifically literate through research on the themes of the competition. This year’s competition was focused on the topical issue of the ‘Green Economy’.

    The theme was further broken down in the following sub-themes:

    • Energy and the Green Economy,
    • Construction and the Green Economy,
    • Water Conservation and the Green Economy,
    • Tourism and the Green Economy and
    • Agriculture and the Green Economy.

    All sub-themes were relevant to the Jamaican and Caribbean context, allowing students to reflect on the effect of their everyday life on the environment.

    The winners of this year’s competition are:

    Primary Category
    1. Jada Grey – Stella Maris Prep
    2. Jay-Dan Chalmers – Cornaldi Avenue Primary
    3. Paula-Kay Davis – Cornaldi Avenue Primary
    4. Carla Williams – Cornaldi Avenue Primary
    5. Jasanaa Thompson – Stella Maris Prep
    6. Carla Williams – Cornaldi Avenue Primary

    Secondary Category

    1. Lerone Powell – Kemps Hill High
    2. Marlon Palmer – May Day High
    3. Jason Dawson – Wolmers Boys’
    4. Ryan Scott – Wolmers Boys’
    5. Mishka Chung – Westwood High
    6. Coreen Norman –  Montego Bay High

  • UWIC Team conducts Energy Audit of OEC’s facility

    03 Feb, 2015

    UWI Consulting Inc. has been engaged by the Overseas Examination Commission (OEC) to conduct an Energy Audit of the Commission’s facilities.

    UWIC will work in collaboration with technical experts in the field of Energy and Electrical Engineering, Mr. Stanley Smellie and Mr. Eric Hall, to successfully execute the project. The Audit is expected to be conducted over a seven (7) week period, beginning on January 26, 2015. The University of the West Indies, and particularly UWI Consulting, remains committed to finding solutions to address the national energy crisis. We continue to welcome opportunities to work with public and private sector entities to find innovative solutions to address the most pressing issues affecting sustainable Caribbean development.

  • 2nd Caribbean Green Economy Conference

    03 Feb, 2015

    The Government of Jamaica, partnering with UWI Consulting Inc. and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and with financial assistance from the European Union, will be hosting the 2nd Caribbean Green Economy Conference on February 23-24, 2015 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

    The Conference will bring together policymakers, civil society, academia and the private sector to discuss cross-fertilization of ideas, experiences and institutional innovations to transition to a green economy at the national and regional levels and how these efforts can help in implementing the SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action (SAMOA) Pathway–of 3rd International Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Conference.

    Realizing both the environmental and economic opportunities which can be derived from pursuing greener policies, many Caribbean SIDS have innovated policies and practices that allow them to better manage the ecological foundation of their economies. These islands are showing a renewed commitment to creating and investing in a greener economy, that positions them for growth and enhanced stewardship of their natural resources and wealth.

    Currently, Jamaica and St. Lucia are implementing Green Economy Projects under the regional project: “Advancing Caribbean States’ Sustainable Development through Green Economy”. The overall objective of these projects is the development and promotion of national green economy approaches to poverty eradication and economic growth- it is expected to evaluate and recommend optimal public and private sector policies and measures that can help achieve the national objectives of income growth, economic development and job creation, whilst contributing to social progress and environmental improvement and undertaking a macroeconomic assessment of their impact.

    Current trends, however, show that the transition to an inclusive green economy requires further investments, enabling policy environment and stronger role of private sector to sustain and stimulate “greening” measures. Although the implementation of sustainable development policies depends primarily on national action and leadership of SIDS themselves, the required changes at the international level need collective action by all states and stakeholders. Broad partnerships could play an important role in supporting development and implementation of domestic policy reform.

    The Conference will create a platform to discuss varying issues related to the green economy, including:

    • Impacts of policies and initiatives that Caribbean countries have taken for achieving their development goals through green economy
      • Macroeconomic and fiscal policy measure
      • Sectoral policies and projects
      • Business sector initiatives
      • Public and private Investment
    • How to create enabling conditions for scaling up green economy measure
      • Finance and investment
      • Development, access and transfer of clean technology
      • Tariffs and trade policy
      • Taxation, incentives and fiscal reform
      • Standards and regulations
      • Governance and political commitment
    • Implementing SAMOA Pathway through Green Economy
      • Capacity building for Green Economy
      • Mobilizing investments and bilateral aid
      • Developing enabling policies
      • Demonstration projects
      • Platform for SIDS-SIDS cooperation on Green Economy

  • Professor Kirton comments on improved US-Cuba ties and implications for the Caribbean region

    05 Jan, 2015

    Professor Claremont Kirton, Deputy Executive Director of UWI Consulting and revered Economist, has declared that there is no basis for fears of a possible fallout for Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region arising from improved US/Cuba bilateral relations.Professor Kirton made this declaration on RJR’s “That’s a Rap”  post the announcement by President Barack Obama of several intiatives to improve economic and social ties with Cuba, including the opening of a US Embassy in Havana.

    Listen to full discusssion here: “Have no fear!” says economist on improved US-Cuba ties


  • REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST – Selection of Caribbean Mobile Innovation Hubs

    18 Dec, 2014

    The University of the West Indies (UWI) Consortium has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Project (CMIP) under EPIC Trust Fund, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services.

    Description of the consulting services (“the Services”)

    CMIP is a two-tiered partnership approach to support growth-oriented mobile apps businesses in the region. The CMIP aims (1) to strengthen the Caribbean mobile innovation ecosystem and (2) to enable sustainable and competitive mobile enterprises to grow through a number of regional and local activities that will target early stage innovators and guide them to market readiness. The desired outcome is the creation of a regional pool of high-growth potential mobile start-ups with the capacity to release their apps to the market and raise additional capital to grow. CMIP is a part of a $20M Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) funded by the Government of Canada.

    This REOI concerns the selection of the mobile application hubs (mHubs) – local implementation partners in up to six Caribbean islands. The Caribbean mHubs will be expected to implement a specific set of the CMIP annual activities on their respective islands, over four time cycles. The contract will cover operations, programs, and implementation.

    See full REOI here: CMIP mHubs Final REOI Final

    See full TOR here:CMIP mHubs Final ToRs (2)


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