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Cultural Economy, Sustainable Development and the Diversity of Cultural Expressions hosted by UNESCO

21 Oct, 2013

This international workshop brings academic and policy experts together to discuss the current transformations in global cultural policy thinking consequent on the widespread adoption of ‘creative industries’ and ‘creative cities’ as development agendas for both Global South and Global North. The workshop will directly assess the threats and opportunities of this economically oriented policy vision and explore how a globally diverse, sustainable and democratic cultural economy agenda might be re-asserted in these turbulent times.

The workshop builds on the efforts of UNESCO in support of the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions – which asserts the leading value of culture within the cultural/ creative economy at the same time as making this new development agenda more available for the Global South. This echoes the agenda set out by the UN’s Creative Economy Report 2013: Widening Local Development Pathways. The workshop will also draw on the experiences of the Technical Assistance Program set up by UNESCO as part of the implementation of the 2005 Convention. This program aims at building governance capacities within developing countries in order for them to take advantage of cultural economy opportunities for local benefit.