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Poster Competition Winners Declared

06 Mar, 2015

For the first time, the Scientific Research Council (SRC) partnered with the University of the West Indies, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  and  UWI Consulting Inc. to host the 29th staging of the annual SRC Poster Competition.

This year’s competition realized 65 entries from across the island. Of the 65 entries, 44 were from high schools, while 21 came from primary/preparatory schools, which is consistent with the ratio seen over the years.

As in previous years, this year’s competition was designed to create an avenue for students to express themselves artistically on topical issues, while becoming more scientifically literate through research on the themes of the competition. This year’s competition was focused on the topical issue of the ‘Green Economy’.

The theme was further broken down in the following sub-themes:

  • Energy and the Green Economy,
  • Construction and the Green Economy,
  • Water Conservation and the Green Economy,
  • Tourism and the Green Economy and
  • Agriculture and the Green Economy.

All sub-themes were relevant to the Jamaican and Caribbean context, allowing students to reflect on the effect of their everyday life on the environment.

The winners of this year’s competition are:

Primary Category
1. Jada Grey – Stella Maris Prep
2. Jay-Dan Chalmers – Cornaldi Avenue Primary
3. Paula-Kay Davis – Cornaldi Avenue Primary
4. Carla Williams – Cornaldi Avenue Primary
5. Jasanaa Thompson – Stella Maris Prep
6. Carla Williams – Cornaldi Avenue Primary

Secondary Category

1. Lerone Powell – Kemps Hill High
2. Marlon Palmer – May Day High
3. Jason Dawson – Wolmers Boys’
4. Ryan Scott – Wolmers Boys’
5. Mishka Chung – Westwood High
6. Coreen Norman –  Montego Bay High