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Trade Policy, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Workshop Presentations

04 Feb, 2014

The UWI Consulting Company with support from the World Trade Organization Chair at UWI and in collaboration with the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development in Geneva along with the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Service Industries hosted the workshop on Trade Policy, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability on  September 19 and 20, 2013, at the Kapok Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. The workshop looked at  the effects of mitigation and adaptation policies on key economic and trade sectors as well as the ecological effects of climate change. The workshop attracted over fifty participants from various private sector, business support organizations, governmental agencies, regional organizations, academia and the donor community who got the opportunity to analyse and assess the trade and climate change governance scenario, formulate negotiation positions and identify strategic options to inform policy-making.


  1. Climate Change Trade Policy and Innovation Governance: The Caribbean Context by Dr. Keith Nurse
  2. Complementing Climate Change Funds with an AfT-plus Initiative by Vinaye Ancharaz
  3. Aviation and Shipping Climate Change and Trade: Still Up in the Air ? by Joachim Monkelbaan