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UWI Consulting joins International Consulting Alliance

12 Oct, 2015

UWI Consulting has  joined the International Consulting Alliance (ICA) network as it continues to fulfil its mission of being the leading research and consulting firm in the Caribbean region. The International Consulting Alliance (ICA) is a network of independent and like-minded organisations dedicated to providing top quality development consultancy services in emerging economies.

ICA is an exclusive club which ensures that members are complementary and form a true network of trust. Each new membership is carefully considered and brought to the attention of the Alliance’s existing members. The platform provides a unique global platform for firms to share knowledge, best practices and business opportunities.

As a member of the Alliance, UWI Consulting is able to readily access regional and international new business opportunities and an expansive network of global partners. The firm has secured access to business intelligence tools through a secure web-based knowledge sharing platform as well as access to ICA’s database of over 17,000 CVs. ICA also offers opportunities for individual consultants to undertake global projects either with the firm of direct affiliation or with other members within the ICA network.

Register with us as a UWIC Affiliate and benefit from the global opportunities to supply your consultancy services. You may send your Curriculum Vitae to: